Monthly Archives: April 2013

Winter – Kamary Phillips Actor

As we kick Winters butt on down the road, I felt it necessary to artistically express my utter disdain for Winter having hung around so damn long! Interesting about this clip is, it’s ALL produced with iPhone! Shot, special FX, sound FX, editing, voice-over the lot. The opening/closing Titles I made on my Mac however. I didn’t think it needed music but that would’ve been easy enough for the 4s.

Me Watching Me – Kamary Phillips Actor

I shot this scene with a friends Canon HD camera one evening at home. This moment is taken from my story “The Day Before I Died”, about a dead guy looking back on all the things he did the day before his passing, realizing he basically wasted a lot of time. It’s one of my earlier attempts at split screen/acting with myself. Take a look at the clip below.

If you found that clip interesting/entertaining, here’s another approach acting with myself on my German-Language acting website.